Dawson Pratt Named Safety Director

Tim Hightower, President of Southern Carpet, Hardwood and Tile, recently named Dawson Pratt as the company’s Safety Director.  “Dawson’s experience with our installation crews and his thorough understanding of the importance of safety on the job site make him a natural fit for this position” said Tim.  He added “our installation crews know that Dawson’s priority is to provide a safe environment for them to work in.  They respect his leadership and they know he cares about them both professionally and personally.”  As Safety Director Dawson is responsible for conducting on-site safety meetings with installation crews and addressing any safety issues that may arise at the job site.  He will be preparing all safety related documents for each job and ensuring compliance with all safety policies and procedures.  “Safety is a core value for us at Southern Carpet, Hardwood and Tile” according to Dawson, “and I take great pride in making sure our installation crews have all the resources they need to do the job safely.”  For more information contact Dawson at Southern Carpet, Hardwood and Tile.