I’m Dawson Pratt. I’ve worked in the flooring industry since I was 21. I started working at a small flooring store owned by our next door neighbors, managing the installation crews and inspecting job sites. I owned my own company from 1985 until 1993 and in 1994 I accepted a position as a contract sales rep at Blue Ridge Carpet Mill. After two years at Blue Ridge I worked as a sales rep for Mohawk Carpet before I came to work here at Southern Carpet, Hardwood and Tile. I’ve been here since 2001 and I really enjoy my roles here. I like working with general contractors; building relationships with them and earning their trust as we work together to provide the best flooring solutions for their clients.  I also enjoy working with our install crews as our Field Supervisor, making sure they have all the tools and materials needed for their projects and helping them stay on schedule to complete the jobs.  In my role as Safety Director I conduct safety meetings with our install teams at the job sites, and insure our compliance with all policies and procedures related to safety.  Safety is a core value here at Southern Carpet, Hardwood and Tile, and I understand the importance of maintaining a safe work environment for our crews.